Thursday, December 13, 2007

Is (Was) Your Favorite Baseball Player On Steroids?

1.Jason Giambi
2.Jeremy Giambi
3. Gary Sheffield
4. Benito Santiago
5.Lenny Dykstra
6.Larry Bigbie
7.David Segui
8.Jack Cust
9.Todd Hundley
10.Matt Franco
11.Rondell White
12.Roger Clemens
13.Andy Pettitte
14.Greg Zaun
15. Glenallen Hill
16.Mo Vaughn
17.Ron Villone
18. Todd Williams
19.Todd Pratt
20.Mike Lansing
21.Jason Christiansen
22.Steven Randolph
23.Jerry Hairston Jr.
24.Paul Lo Duca
25. Larry Bigbie
26. Tim Laker
27.Josias Manzanillo
28.Mark Carreon
29. Hal Morris
30.F.P. Santangelo
31. Denny Neagle
32.Ryan Franklin
33. Chris Donnels
34.Phil Hiatt
35.Kevin Young
36. Cody McKay
37.Kent Mercker
38.Adam Piatt
39.Stephen Randolph
40.Adam Riggs
41.Bart Miadich
42.Fernando Vina
43. Eric Gagne
44.Mike Bell
45.Matt Herges
46.Gary Bennett, Jr.
47.Jim Parque
48.Brendan Donnelly
49.Chad Allen
50.Jeff Williams
51.Howie Clark
52. Nook Logan
53. Randy Velarde
54. Kevin Brown
55. Daniel Naulty
56. Rick Ankiel
57. David Bell
58. Paul Byrd
59. Jose Canseco
60.Jay Gibbons
61.Troy Glaus
62.Jason Grimsley
63. Jose Guillen
64. Darren Holmes
65.Gary Matthews, Jr.
66. Scott Schoeneweis
67. Ismael Valdez
68. Matt Williams
69. Chuck Knoblauch
70. Miguel Tejada
71. Mike Stanton
72. Brian Roberts
73. David Justice
74. John Rocker
75. Steve Woodard
76. Marvin Benard
77. Barry Bonds
78. Bobby Estalella
79. Alex Cabrera
80. Ricky Bones
81. Mark McGwire
82. Rafael Palmeiro
- The Mitchell Report
If I am reading correctly, none of the players accused on the list are Red Sox stars.

EDIT: Jason Varitek is on some unofficial lists.

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