Thursday, December 20, 2007

Doesn't this make you mad?

SUNNYVALE, Calif.—Military contractor Lockheed Martin Corp. said Thursday it received an $849 million deal for production and system support on the Navy's sixth generation fleet of ballistic missiles for fiscal 2008. - Boston Globe


  1. Not really. What will $850 million do for an army fleet nowadays? Buy, operate, and maintain two or three more weapons?

  2. 2 or 3 more weapons that we don't need. spend it on education or welfare programs instead.

  3. Welfare sux, its for socialists. Make people work. Furthermore, the government needs to constantly develop new weapons to stay ahead of other countries. From these deals that the government makes certain businesses profit more and are able to stay afloat, and they also have a surge of scientific research and development that comes from it. Also, the education system sux enough and would need more attention than shutting down one missile program to make it worth its while, along with quite a few other changes that would take generations to correct.

  4. haha, typical republicans. I'm not gonna get into it; but seriously, have a heart. there are other people besides you in the country, violence is never the answer, it's good to help others, big business is corrupt, etc., etc... if the education system "sux" (spelling: learn it) so much, maybe $850 million will help a little and make a start, eh? obviously it'll take generations to correct, nothing happens overnight, but it doesn't mean changes shouldn't start now.

  5. We do have a heart. What separates us from liberals is that they give the poor man on the street some money. We give the poor man on the street some m one and tell him to get a job.

    But seriously, sloth (laziness) is not good. There is an obligation to work. There are so many people that are corrupting the welfare system (just taking the checks and not working) and that is not good!

    Anyway, "Welfare sux," is that you Mogni? I don't agree with your militaristic views. The world is fucking round and we are all one race. We don't need to "constantly...stay ahead of other countries." We should all work together and be one. Call it free trade, call it sans borders, or call it whatever you want.

  6. Haha, there is more than democrats and republicans mr. slave to the third party system. 850 mill will make not start. There is much more than just pouring money into something to fix it. War is a reality. The war that we are allegedly fighting right now is not much of a war, so with that aside...You cannot stay in the past, weapons change, military changes. The government is just keeping up with technology, and, by doing so, aiding in scientific research and development along with creating more jobs in the engineering fields. Creating jobs in these fields leads to a need to have more people working in said government funded companies because they can afford to do so. To do this, these companies can recruit students straight from college that are deemed smart enough to work on or become accustomed to such vast projects. In doing this, colleges need to pull out brighter students in the science and mathematics fields from high schools who would be able to compete and do well to secure a better job, therefore indirectly influencing education. If there is a need for talent and colleges want to send their best and brightest out to fill these spots, then there will be a push for better education.

    Think through things next time Mr. Socialism. (I do not advocate capitalism either, as I do know there are many flaws in it as there are in socialism, and both deter from creating a more scientific and elitist society).

  7. Oh and by the way, yes, that post was me :-). If you had thought over what I had said, then you would have seen that my view is in fact logical. As a follow up, human nature does not allow for complete peace. Competition helps out, and war is competition. I do not advocate war, but it is a necessity if you want some time of peace and a sense of security.

  8. ""We don't need to "constantly...stay ahead of other countries." "

    You need to stay ahead of other countries, because they are continuously trying to fuck your country over. When the Chinese rape the US economy because we impose no tariffs on their cheap imports, we'll scramble like children in another depression.

    Please, read up on your shit before you make assumptions that because it has the word free in it it's super fantastic.


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