Monday, December 3, 2007

Thousands attend Sean Taylor's funeral

MIAMI—Thousands filled a university arena Monday for the funeral of Washington Redskins star Sean Taylor, with his coach praising his spirit and the Rev. Jesse Jackson asking for an end to violence.
An end to violence. Keep dreaming, Jesse. We live in a society of impressionable people who are negatively influenced by the violence around them.
Violence is the way to solve problems, say these people. I'd like to see someone wear a T-shirt with Gandhi or Martin Luther King on it. Someone who admires these men for their nonviolent action against injustice.
Ha. You know who I see on T-shirts instead? This guy.

Do you want more people to be shot dead? If not, here's how you solve the problem: stop thinking that shooting people dead is cool.


  1. But Ben, shooting people is very video games!

  2. Other solution: stricter gun control.


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