Monday, December 24, 2007

sXe Q&A

What is sXe?
- sXe stands for straight-edge. Straight-edge refers to a group of people who are in favor of self control and who very much discourage drug and alcohol use and promiscuous sexual behavior.

When did the sXe movement start?
- Minor threat front man Ian Mackaye is said to have coined the name in 1981.

Is sXe political?
- Not inherently, although many straight-edgers support political causes that line up with their sXe beliefs (drug illegalization, to name one)

What kind of drugs are sXe no-nos?
- Basically all of them. Alcohol as I said before is not allowed. Illegal drugs like marijuana and heroin (to name a few) are also discouraged. Some straight-edgers don't even take medication like Aspirin. Caffeine, a drug found in soft drinks, is prohibited by some straight-edgers.

Is sXe a religious philosophy?
- Nope, although many major religions are against the use of drugs and are against pre-marital sex. In that way, religious beliefs may be the same as sXe beliefs.

Once edge always edge?
- Not at all. If you fuck up, you can always go to being edge.

How do I sign up?
- You don't sign up per se. All you need to do is stop drinking, smoking and having sex.

Are people who live on the edge rebellious?
- Yes, that is the nature of punk music. As one kid said:

"The difference between us and nerds is that we [abstain from drugs] as
a way of rebelling against society, not because society tells us not
to. "

Are you straight edge?
- Since you asked, I would say that yes, I am. Some argue that you have to dress punk and be wholly
associated with the punk movement. I would argue that you don't need to. I think that sXe is at its
most basic level a philosophy. You can either adhere to it or you don't.

One last thing I would like to add is that our society believes that underage drinking and promiscuity
are acceptable. By adhering to sXe philosophy, you are rebelling against these social norms.


  1. Good article Glen. But, it should be noted that Ian no longer considers himself edge', though he still abstains from drinking, smoking, and the such. And he didn't simply "coin" the term, he wrote a song called "straight edge" (a hardcore classic) to express his frustration with his friends giving him shit for not drinking. Ian thought sXe got out of control and he never intended it to be a philosophy or movement, it was just a song he wrote out of anger. Here are the lyrics :
    I'm a person just like you
    But I've got better things to do
    Than sit around and fuck my head
    Hang out with the living dead
    Snort white shit up my nose
    Pass out at the shows
    I don't even think about speed
    That's something I just don't need

    I've got the straight edge

    I'm a person just like you
    But I've got better things to do
    Than sit around and smoke dope
    'Cause I know I can cope
    Laugh at the thought of eating ludes
    Laugh at the thought of sniffing glue
    Always gonna keep in touch
    Never want to use a crutch

    I've got the straight edge

  2. Straight edge is the gayest thing you can call something. Don't be idiots, just because you say you're straight edge it doesn't make you part of a special cool group. I don't do drugs or any of that shit, but it doesn't entitle me to call myself "straight edge." Fucking liberal pussies.

  3. Fine, pussies in general (i.e. - Maganzini)

  4. Wow, that was good stuff, I don't think this can be topped.

  5. I find it funny that sXe looks a lot like sEx...

  6. "Fine, pussies in general (i.e. - Maganzini)"

    I believe the only pussy is you. I love how you think that by posting under anonymous you can say any insults you want to. And you can, but you still look like the pussy.

    "I find it funny that sXe looks a lot like sEx..."

    I find it funny that you are dlysexic.

  7. Wow, did you make that one up all by yourself?


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