Friday, August 8, 2008

14 Types of Annoying Tailgaters

Read about the first three right below and the next eleven here.

Exotic Meats Guy
- Alligator Stew. Barbecued frog legs. Bison burgers. This is the guy that scoffs at normal hamburgers and hot dogs as traditional tailgate food. He loves to hand someone some sort of mystery meat on a stick and then see their reaction when he reveals the name of the wild animal they just ate. Tastes like chicken, right?

Acoustic Guitar Guy - This douche-bag is normally found tailgating before concerts but don’t count him out tailgating before a sporting event. You have all seen him. This guy breaks out the acoustic guitar whenever he thinks someone wants to hear his crappy rendition of “What Would You Say” by Dave Matthews Band. He does this not because he really loves music but because he thinks playing the guitar impresses women enough to sleep with him later. You can spot him strumming pathetically all by himself hoping some drunk girl will recognize him playing “Every Rose Has It’s Thorn. Hey Acoustic Guitar Guy, please save it for the youth group camping trip.

The Gadget Geek - This guy could also be called the “One Upper”. You have a hand crank blender, this guy has a blender hooked up to a old Harley-Davidson engine. You have a 40,000 BTU grill, this guy has 100,000 BTUs at his disposal, and that’s just on the left side! He’s all about trying to impress everyone else with all his “toys” and loves the ones that make the most noise. That way everyone in the parking lot will turn to look when he fires up his generator powering his rented Musco Lights. -

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