Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Cash in on Beijing!

Most small businesses can’t even dream of sponsoring the Olympics. But that doesn’t mean the games can’t be part of their marketing efforts.

VerticalResponse, a direct marketing firm, offers some fun ideas on its blog for Olympics-themed promotions and ad campaigns a business might try. Here are some of its suggestions:

– Offer a 5% discount for every gold medal your country wins, capped at a certain number.

– Tie discounts to the win of your favorite athlete. If, say, Michael Phelps wins a gold, give customers $10 cash back on that day.

– Advertise Olympics specials: 25% off all athletic gear until Aug. 24 (the last day of the games).

– Selling special products or services, such as a special Olympic-themed mixed drink, especially for the Olympics.
Okay, how about this? If Michael Phelps wins another gold today, all our readers will get $10!*
*Offer may not be genuine.

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