Monday, August 4, 2008

Drink Review: Moxie

Name: Moxie

Comments: Moxie, that little orange labeled drink that seemingly no one buys except for old people and those who've had their taste buds shot off in war, is a drink that I've been meaning to try for some time now. I was a little hesitant at first so I made Joe, another taste tester, try it out first. He describes it as almost tasting like medicine. He further says that it tastes like a combination of really bad root beer and feet. Furthermore, I would even add that it tastes like imitation/diet root beer. It has a very bitter taste which is unnoticeable when it first reaches the tongue, but becomes increasingly present as it swims through your mouth. I could even sense a little diet coke, but that is primarily because of the phosphoric acid ingredient. Overall, I wouldn't recommend it to anyone unless Fresca was the only other option available.


  1. the fact that you tried to drink Moxie makes me respect you more.

  2. I actually love Moxie! i even make moxie ice cream floats

  3. tastes like feet? how would you know? do you have some kind of homo foot fetish?


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