Monday, December 3, 2007

Another Victory For Stoners

The best evidence on lung cancer comes from Dr. Donald Tashkin of UCLA, who is the leading researcher on that topic. His latest research shows that marijuana smokers actually have a slightly lower incidence of lung cancer than people who do not smoke at all. This may be because the active ingredient in marijuana, THC, is known to kill various types of tumors. Marijuana may have a slight protective effect against certain types of cancers.

The most comprehensive long-term study of the effects of marijuana was done by Kaiser Permanente. They studied the records of over 65,000 patients over a period of years. They found that they were no significant differences in the health histories of marijuana smokers versus non-smokers. See - Source: Cliff Schaffer of the Schaffer Online Library of Drug Policy

If I seem to you like a pseudo drug advocate, you are probably right.


  1. Stoners should kill themselves.

  2. Hey, anonymous would you like to add anything else to your ignorant comment (I seriously hope you're joking). Or should I just assume that you are a heartless prick? Well, hopefully not the latter. What amazes me is that Glen writes a post saying no Gay Marriage and eweryone and their brother flips out about it, but you say "Stoner should kill themselves" and there's only 1 comment and its deleted. Its enigmatic


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