Thursday, August 14, 2008

All This Week in É

Got a friend named Glen
Strange to Boston men
Prays to God and catches cod
As fishes swarm again
His politics are bait
His victims just can't wait
To disagree and say that he
Is stiffer than a plate
But he just laughs and harnesses
The power of their hate
All this week in É
Athletes went to play
Swimming man got one more fan
And much more golden pay
All this week in É

See another star?
He's returned from afar
Walks so long to share his song
'Cause he don't have a car
Man who loves Pink Floyd
Left a mighty void
Even though a former foe
Said he must be destroyed
He used his punk rock spirit
With dissenters he toyed
All this week in É
War was here to stay
Do believe that death won't leave
Much to our dismay
All this week in É

Old friend plays the bass
Freshness in his face
Be impressed that he's obsessed,
His words, with this place
Man with perfect grades
Joins our escapades
Lit or math, don't know what path
He'll take when high school fades
Quite nice that we admins
Have such folk as aides
All this week in É
Battlefield's okay
Things improve, but we won't move
For many a day
All this week in É

Me, I'm almost done
Won't forget the fun
I have had, and I'm so glad
To know everyone
My time here must end
To it, others tend
And I must give them my trust
For I am a friend
Hope that I'll move upward
That I don't pretend
All this week in É
Readers yelled hooray
We broke news and sang the blues
Updates every day
All this week in É
Readers yelled hooray
We broke news and sang the blues
Updates every day
All this week in É


  1. Sorta. Next week is my last, and Glen will do that week's review.

  2. This is random, but in case you dont know, they built one of those Mexican restaurants you like in Saugus. The one that starts with Q.


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