Monday, October 22, 2007

40GB PS3s pushing 60GB PS3 sales upwards as holiday season approaches

It looks like everything is according to plan for Sony at the moment, at least in the UK. Jeremy Gerkin, the MD for online UK game retailer Gamestation said that the release of 40GB PlayStation 3 SKUs in the UK have greatly boosted the sales of the 60GB PS3 units, in conjunction to the UK-only 60GB price cut. Said Gerkin:

"If anything it's demonstrated what good value the 60GB version is. What we expected initially was that we were going to sell a boat load of 40GB models but that's not what has happened. By bringing out a cheaper model it's improved the sales of the higher-priced model. It's great for the industry because it's another format for people to get behind."

With the new 40GB PS3 units shipping in the UK now and shortly in the future in the US, the PS3 will certainly be one of the top items on consumers' lists this Christmas. This is definitely good news for Sony since the PS3 has been falling behind in sales compared to the Nintendo Wii and the Microsoft XBOX 360.


  1. Haha. I bought my 60GB right before the price cut!! That's what I regret.


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