Saturday, October 27, 2007

Read Paul Robicheau

Remember that lanky male substitute? You may or may not be thinking about Mr. Robicheau. Mr. Paul Robicheau was a substitute at Wakefield High School up until the 2007-2008 school year. The last time I saw him was at a local grocery store in the summer. He told me that we wouldn't be substituting this year. (I believe he said that he is taking classes at Salem State, although this may not be correct)

Mr. Robicheau is currently a music writer for the Improper Bostonian, a Boston based humor magazine. A simple Google search of the former substitute's name will bring up dozens of his articles. From what I read, Robicheau has also written for the Boston Globe,, and the Rolling Stone.

He is a great writer and I highly recommend that you check out his articles in the Improper Bostonian.

Also, I have random question for readers: Does anyone know what happened to the following substitutes: Ms. Storti, Mr. Cummings, and Ms. Green?


  1. Rumor has it Ms. Storti was fired. According to Mr. Cresta, Mr. Cummings was let go. Ms. Green retired I think.

  2. Well, Ben, I know that they all left. I should have clarified:

    Where are they now?

    I am assuming that Cummings is teaching somewhere. Ms. Green probably retired, although she might be a substitute somewhere else. Ms. Storti, she wasn't that old. I am curious about her too.

  3. i heard she got fired too, for smoking in the class or on the roof (or so ive heard) but a for your question no i dont know what happened to her although it would be interesting to find out

  4. I believe someone said MS. Storti subs at Austin Prep now. I dk about the others though.

  5. ms Storti used to sub here at reading high but she was fired for hitting a girl.

  6. I saw Mr. Robicheau at the Beantown Jazz Festival last year, taking pictures during Lionel Loueke's set. It was pretty cool to see.

  7. haha i could have guessed that about ms. storti. was this recent that she was at reading high or a long time ago?


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