Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Hong Kong raid nets 10,000 game copying devices, mod chips for Nintendo consoles

Nintendo has circulated a press release chronicling the latest news in its ongoing battle against piracy. According to the press release, the Hong Kong High Court ordered the raid of facilities owned by Supreme Factory Limited earlier this month at Nintendo's request.

The raid turned up more than 10,000 game copying devices and mod chips used to play pirated Nintendo software. The seized copying devices were used mostly for pirating Nintendo DS games. The mod chips were mostly for use in Nintendo's Wii home video game console.

Documents found at the raid site connected Supreme Factory Limited to French company Divineo SARL. Divineo SARL and its principal, Max Louarn, have also been named in the legal action initiated by Nintendo.


  1. Way to just plagiarize the article without putting it in quotes or something. At least you put in the link.

  2. One question, how do you put in quotes?

  3. Highlight the text and press the quote button.


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