Thursday, October 25, 2007

Fright Night reviews

This year's crop of Fright Night movies was great! Every movie was solid and entertaining, and to prove it, I have a blurb for every single one.
Brain Food
An excellent comedy/horror movie to kick things off. Great lines, shots, acting, and use of the song "Thriller."
Nice shots, lighting, and editing. The death scenes are great.
The Swiss Kid
Here's a nice "stupid, funny movie" from James DiNanno. His words, not mine. Some great acting in this one, particularly from Adrian Aiello and Jeff Mitchell. Nice effects and good use of music.
Dave Gagnon directs and Drew Russell edits and stars in this clever work. Great lighting, shots, and use of music. Also, kudos for a great ending.
The Case of the Smooth Criminal
Jon Lawrence is hilarious as a private eye named Dick McFindaclue, recruited to investigate the mysterious murder of a Planters exec. Nice lighting, effects, and use of music, and, of course, a great script.
Angelo Mordenaar: Artist, Tormentor, and Filmmaker
This is a nice mockumentary from James DiNanno which tells the disturbing story of the title character, a horror filmmaker. It's a convincing, realistic work, with excellent lighting, sound effects, casting, and acting.
The Cabin
The TV teachers made this with their friends, the story of a man on vacation who rents a cabin, and may be taking a few too many pills. You, know, since he's being haunted by the ghost of a murdered little girl and her teddy bear. Great lighting, editing, acting, and effects.


  1. the swiss kid deffinately deserved *****!!!!

  2. My rankings out of 4 stars:

    Brain Food - **
    Resurrection - **
    The Swiss Kid - ***
    Double-Take - ***
    The Case of the Smooth Criminal - **
    Angelo Mordenaar: Artist, Tormentor, and Filmmaker - ****
    The Cabin - **

    Angelo Mordenaar stood out to me as the best of the night. Double-Take was also very good. I can't say I was a big fan of "The Cabin". I think that the filming was top-notch, but the plot was confusing at times.

  3. Brain Food gets a thumbs-up and a "YEEAAH!"

    (in case you didnt get it, that rating is a nod to Dave-o)


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