Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Halloween controversy at WHS

Today, after the usual morning announcements, Ms. Freedman got on the intercom and commended the students for how well Friday's Halloween Dance went. Good to know nobody showed up drunk to that one. She then mentioned the annual Scavenger Hunt that takes place each Halloween, an activity that is NOT sponsored, let alone condoned, by the school.
She warned that the school is working with the police to catch kids in the act of making mischief on Halloween, and that these troublemakers will be punished both by the police AND by the school. Is the school overstepping its boundaries? At least two students think so. One, a senior who wishes to remain anonymous, says he "understands where she's coming from when she says that she wants to cut down on the vandalism during Halloween...but that's what the cops are for...and I don't really think that the school takes actions for something you do off property." The other, sophomore Andrew Fallon, says, "...if it didn't happen in school or on school grounds, it's out of the school's jurisdiction."
All in all, maybe it wouldn't be wise to get together with your friends and toilet paper some houses. At least not tomorrow. I don't think any of you want the cops AND the school on your case.
UPDATE: Some more thoughts from the students... An anonymous junior says "...it's definitely kind of unfair to the kids who want to have fun, but then again...kidnapping? Last time I checked, that's illegal." He adds that kidnapping is usually part of the Scavenger Hunt...usually participants "target one person to be kidnapped."
Senior Tim Cushing says he is preparing an article for Spin about the announcement, and "if she does in fact punish anyone, I'm prepared to help that person appeal." As soon as he heard the announcement, he "yelled out in Math today, 'That's illegal.'" He adds, "I doubt she'll actually put it into place however, and until she does she hasn't committed a crime. That being said, she's setting the school up for a massive lawsuit if someone was to appeal."


  1. A. That's rediculous and so is she.
    B. Are the seniors even doing the scavenger hunt this year?
    C. I'm holding you to that Tim Cushing, I'm gonna be out there TP'ing and Egging it up

  2. I've heard talk of the scavenger hunt taking place on a day other than today.


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