Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Colbert campaigns on Meet the Press

Have you heard the one about the actor working as a comedian who plays a talk show host who is pretending to run for president?

Tim Russert, the host of “Meet the Press” has, and he thinks it’s pretty funny, enough for 15 minutes on Sunday morning.

Last week, Stephen Colbert, in his eponymous avatar as a nincompoop right-wing talk show host, went on “The Daily Show With Jon Stewart.” Amid a hail of blow kisses, he said he was mulling a run for leader of the free world and 15 minutes later on “The Colbert Report,” he declared, “I am doing it!” A trip to the altar of the Sunday morning talk show seemed like the next beat in the joke, which arrived on schedule yesterday when Mr. Colbert appeared on “Meet the Press.”

“I’m doing it, Tim, because I think that our country is facing unprecedented challenges in the future,” Mr. Colbert said. “I think the junctures that we face are both critical and unforeseen, and the real challenge is how we will respond to these junctures, be they critical, or God help us, unforeseen.”

Colbert isn't just a clown. He has his own ideology, which he expresses on his show by saying the opposite of what he really beliefs. Would Stephen Colbert, the actor, make a good president? He might...as long as he doesn't do his job "in character", as the radical conservative he plays on his show. P.S.: I don't think Glen knows that The Colbert Report is a parody.

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