Monday, October 22, 2007

Faith Not An Excuse For Violence

"In a world wounded by conflicts, where violence is justified in God’s name, it’s important to repeat that religion can never become a vehicle of hatred, it can never be used in God’s name to justify violence," he said. "On the contrary, religions can and must offer precious resources to build a peaceful humanity, because they speak about peace in the heart of man." - Source: AP

Pope Benedict XVI offered these words to a crowd in Naples, Italy on Sunday.


  1. i agree with this i think that people use religion way to often, but this isn't a new problem its been happening since the dawn of religion, everybody should just be tolerant of each other's beliefs and many conflicts would be avoided. besides no religion teaches violence and all the major religions teach love of all man so, how would faith even be an option for conflict, if it is against you religion to cause conflict in the first place?

  2. are you forgetting the crusades dugg?

  3. no of coarse not, and i think they were just a completely useless display of primitive violence. but that was not the point my point was that there was no part in the bible saying that Europeans had to go into Jerusalem and take it by force from the inhabitants my point was just that religion is supposed to be peaceful but some people take it too far and loose the basic ideals of their own faith while trying to force it down some one elses throat.


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