Tuesday, October 23, 2007

An Interview with my Grandfather

Alright, so my grandfather got back from Hong Kong on the 17th and I decided to interview him to post on here. Here's how it went..... (the parts worth mentioning). This is translated from Cantonese to English, so it might be a bit weird.

Me: How was your stay in Hong Kong?
Grandfather: The plane ride was very long and tiring, but I had a good time there.
Me: How has Hong Kong changed since the last time you visited two years ago?
Grandfather: The air quality in Hong Kong is getting worse and worse each time I go there. There's just too many people living in such a small area.
Me:What were some interesting places you visited on your vacation?
Grandfather: I took a one day trip to Macau by boat for one week. That was very relaxing.

The rest of the interview just goes on about how he mostly enjoyed his vacation in Hong Kong. He mentions that he loved the REAL Chinese food there. Also, he says that he would like to visit Hong Kong again soon.

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