Thursday, October 25, 2007

Rumor has it...

Just heard this story today at lunch: a girl left her purse behind, and someone took it to the main office. Now, if my source, the girl in question, is correct, Ms. Freedman went through her purse and took her cigarettes. Since cigarettes are contraband, not to mention a nasty, unhealthy habit, I can understand why this happened, but does the school have the right to go through someone's purse? Comment with your thoughts. Again, this is all unconfirmed at the moment...


  1. while i do hate cigarettes and i think that they are just an expensive way to kill youself and smell bad at the same time, i dont think she should have gotten hers taken away. its not that i think they should be allowed in school or anything, its just that there really was no reason for ms. freedman to go through her bag. i know that as school administration they have the authority to search bags, but there was no reason to it was just a lost and found thing. so my answer to your question is yes they do have the right to go through your bag, it says so in the student handbook, my opinion however is that it was a violation of privacy, because there was no need to go through it.

  2. Unless there was a convincing reason for her to search the girl's bag, I don't think she is allowed to do that.

  3. Ms. Freedman abuses power and believes she is the shit.


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