Saturday, October 27, 2007

Father Ron Barker of Wakefield leads the hunt against Harry Potter

Wakefield's in the news! We're in the Boston Globe!

WAKEFIELD - The summer reading feats of Lynne Bimmler's sixth-grade class are proudly chronicled on the St. Joseph's School website.

"The sixth grade reads an average of 7.5 books each with many students in double digits," says a note on the class page. "Of course, Harry Potter was a popular choice."

But last month, students found that their favorite series had "disapparated" from the school library, after St. Joseph's pastor, the Rev. Ron Barker, removed the books, declaring that the themes of witchcraft and sorcery were inappropriate for a Catholic school.

Yeah, our town got a nice shout out in the Globe, alright. Wait, what's this? We're on the Fox News Channel as well?
A Catholic pastor at a Massachusetts parochial school has made all the Harry Potter books there disappear, saying they are spiritually dangerous for children and could encourage them to engage in witchcraft.

Wow, this story must be pretty big! Wait, hold on a second. I've just received word that we're in ABC 25 AND NBC 12 of Jacksonville, Florida! Under Weird News, no less.
BOSTON, MA -- A Massachusetts Catholic high school has banned the Harry Potter series from their library.

Wow, look at all the recognition our little town is getting. Wait, what? We're on ABC 7 of Denver!
WAKEFIELD, Mass. -- The pastor has banned Potter. Lord Voldemort has found an ally.

While Harry Potter may have survived Voldemort’s killing curse, he has been defeated by the head of a Catholic school in a Boston suburb.

Ha, looks like all the US of A know about Wakefield now. Wait, there's more? We're in ImediNews of Georgia! The country, not the state!
WAKEFIELD, Mass. (UPI) — A Roman Catholic elementary school in Wakefield, Mass., has deemed the Harry Potter series of books inappropriate and banned them from the school library.

Wakefield's famous! Huzzah! All because Father Ron Barker has banned the Harry Potter books from the St. Joseph's School Library!
Well, it's official, people. Harry Potter is a secular, Godless heathen. A Pied Piper prancing down the streets of Wakefield, literally bewitching the children of the town with his magic stick, leading them to worship Albus Dumbledore instead of Jesus Christ.
Witchcraft is real, kids. That's why they make you read The Crucible in school, so you can spot a witch and punish her/him accordingly. Harry Potter shall be hanged.
In case you didn't know, I myself am a confirmed, practicing Catholic who goes to church every Sunday. I'm going to see my priest and confess to my sins. That's right. I'm a sinner.
I've read all seven Harry Potter books. I've seen the first four movies. And worst of all, I actually liked the story.
So yes, I have a lot of Hail Marys to say. And so do you. There are many Catholics in Wakefield, and many of them have read this sinful, despicable series of books. I would like to thank Father Ron for saving our children from the threat of this boy wizard and for making Wakefield, Massachusetts the LAUGHINGSTOCK OF GEORGIA.


  1. First town in the state to have a school ban Harry Potter. Way to go, St. Joes.

    Here's another video, from NECN: link

  2. Ben, you just took this story so Glen wouldn't, didn't you?

  3. Lol! I wonder how Glen feels about Harry Potter?

  4. Glen hadn't even heard about this story until I told him a few hours ago.

  5. Replies
    1. And I do, as well. In a school that commits itself to teach Catholic values, it would be illogical to read these books.

  6. So, in other words Glen, you are ignorant and you do not believe in free speech.

  7. Please don't start another arguement over this. Please.

  8. Haha, Glen. What do you read in your free time when you want some nice, light fiction? Nabokov?

    Seriously, the thing you have to understand is that Harry Potter is purely fiction. It is not trying to push witchcraft on anybody. Rowling doesn't have a hidden agenda to create an army of Wiccan kids or destroy Christianity. If a kid is going to be so easily swayed to change his beliefs by a fiction book, he's got other problems.

    And if you don't want to read it, don't. But I think that it should be available for any kid to read if they want to. This series has singlehandedly gotten so many kids interested in reading, and I think that's a great thing.

  9. Freedom of Speech doesn't apply to the private sector which in this case is St. Joseph's library. Kids can rent the book at the Beebe Library. I can't even see why this is even a news story.

  10. LOL. Way to go Saint Joe's.

    I can add this to my list of reasons why I hate Father Ron.

  11. Here's a riddle:

    What do I and Harry Potter have in common?

    Answer: We both had to leave St. Joe's because Father Ron is a nut job!

    1. Ha!

      What do Father Ron and the riddle have in common?

      Answer: They're both jokes!

      He is still a very odd man.

  12. "I can't even see why this is even a news story."

    Because it's completely ridiculous!! lol!!!

  13. I'm warning you all now, wait until you see the amazing thing that will come out of this. It shall also hit the news. Wait and see


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