Monday, October 22, 2007

Nasal spray helps people overcome social fears

Each of us dreads something - it could be speaking in public, attending parties, or even performing in front of an audience. There's got to be that something that sends chills down our bones and paralyzes us. Psychologists, however, have discovered that a simple solution to these lie in nasal sprays.
According to a recent study, D-Cycloserine or DCS, usually found in nasal sprays significantly reduced the symptoms of chronic social phobias. This specific type of apprehension concerns the fear of being evaluated by others. In America alone, the rate of people who have this disorder is 13 in 100.

University of New South Wales' Dr. Dr Adam Guastella commented, "These people were so shy they could not enter a crowded room or speak in public. However, those who received DCS showed a great reduction in fear and also reported lasting improvements in work and social relationships".
Scientists added that DCS doesn't directly remove fears from people. However, it changes the neurotransmitters in the brain associated with learning to overcome fear.

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