Sunday, October 21, 2007

College Spotlight: Harvard College

Location: Cambridge, Massachusetts

Recommended High School Preparation:
- SAT 1: 1800 Or Higher
- SAT 2: 600 or Higher
- English: 4 Years
- Mathematics: 4 Years Including Calculus
- Science: 4 Years Including Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and an AP Science Course
- History: 3 Years Including American and European History
- Recommended High School Course Load: Most Demanding
Class Rank: Top 10-15%
Extra Curricular Importance: Not Very High

Most Popular Course of Study: Social Science (38% of Undergrads)

Acceptance Rate:


  1. As someone how is somewhat obsessed with the college application/admission world I'd say your spotlight is completely incorrect. Where'd you get your information?

    If you got it from Harvard's site I'll be really embarassed. But unless you have some kind of hook an 1800 on the SAT is like, an auto reject.

  2. Got it from Harvard's site and college board.

  3. Lol, that makes me look stupid.

    Can you find a link to their common data set? Because I can't...

    Are you going to apply there?

  4. Just go to the FAQ section of Harvard College's admissions site.

    No, I am not going to apply there. They don't have any majors that interest me.

  5. Doesn't matter anyway, Glen. You wouldn't get in. And wow, as someone who's never actually talked to you, it's amazing how much I don't like you.


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