Sunday, October 21, 2007

Regarding Previous Posts

To the Étudiant community:

This is Chris Morrill here, one of the two founders of the Étudiant and the mastermind behind this blog. When I first thought up this blog, it was really to create a place to write and publish hard news articles so that they were fresh. The Spin was mostly opinion, and couldn't tackle hard and controversial issues (being officially connected to the school). When things started, it was tough finding people who were dedicated and we were pretty lenient allowing people to write what they wanted. Free speech and journalistic integrity were two ideals I fully supported. Since then, I have left the blog and turned all creative control over to the other co-founder, Ben Tan.

That being said, as I have been reading from college, there have been a few posts that have sparked controversy. For those who are visiting for the first time, you can read these in the archives. First of all, the views of Glen are just that, his views. Whether I agree with everything that comes out of his keyboard or not, free speech allows for all voices to be heard. Personally, while we do agree on other issues (the death penalty, some economic issues, etc.), I find the views of Glen, and the "Radical Republicans", closed-minded and frankly abhorrent. It is fine to be against gay marriage, but endorsing the destruction of a school organization or imposing your views on someone else just isn't cool. The same goes for the other side. Gay marriage proponents and opponents can disagree, but there is no reason to hate each other for your views. Agree to disagree, but don't be disagreeable to each other (if that makes sense). We all have the right to free speech, but let's not abuse that right by devolving into feces-throwing.

I have talked to Ben about this matter, and as head of the blog (since I'm not in charge anymore), he has decided to keep the posts up, but make sure that the Étudiant as a whole bears no responsibility for what's posted (to an extent... any violent threats or anything of that matter will be deleted). Feel free to continue to comment on posts that you disagree or agree with, or have a question about... and if you want to write something outside of the responses to posts, become a regular writer (anyone can become one).

If you have any concerns, although I'm not a part of the Étudiant anymore, please e-mail me at

Chris Morrill


  1. YEAH CHRIS!!! see the thing with them is, they dont want gayness forced on them, yet they force thier neo-fascism on everyone else, hypocrites...

  2. Andrew, my dear friend, now is not the time to be calling people names. On a related note, I'd like to thank another dear friend of mine, Chris Morrill, for posting this, an attempt to cool down the flame war on this website. As the administrator of the Wakefield Étudiant, I should have discouraged the fire-spitting. Instead, I encouraged it, shamelessly happy at the record numbers this political debate has brought to the site. I would like to apologize to anyone offended by any statements that were made, and to discourage further "feces-throwing", as Chris calls it.

  3. See this the whole point. Each side has their opinions, and you know? Who cares? They're not hypocrites anymore than the people who say they're accepting of everybody and then insult people who have a different view on the matter than them.

    Neither side is better or more right than the other if they're both insulting each other.

  4. Chris, thanks for trying to calm this stuff down, it's getting crazy.

    Oh, and Ben, nice use of "flame war". Love that word.

  5. sorry dudes...will think before i talk next time


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