Wednesday, October 24, 2007

North Korea To Disable Main Nuke Facilities

"It's expected that a disablement implementation team will go to the North on Nov. 1 with actual disablement (beginning) in mid-November," Baek Jong-chun, senior presidential security adviser, said at a forum in Seoul.

..North Korea -- acting under a Feb. 13 deal struck during six-nation talks with the U.S, South Korea, China, Russia and Japan -- promised to abandon its nuclear ambitions in return for 1 million tons of oil aid, as well as political concessions." - Source: Boston Globe

North Korea, which currently possesses about 100 pounds of plutonium, will no longer be able to produce Pu.


  1. Does this mean no more nuclear production *at all* or no more nuclear protection in a main facility? Because there's a huge difference.

  2. Production, not protection, my bad.

  3. The article does not specifically state all nuclear facilities will be dismantled. It just mentions the main ones will be.

    I should have mentioned this in the article, but the Yongbyon complex (main) is said to contain 12 bombs made from plutonium.


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