Tuesday, October 23, 2007

President Bush gets pwned by the Senate

A Senate bill to provide money for health, education and job training programs next year rejects spending cuts proposed by President Bush.

Here are all the ways the Senate has acted on Bush's requests...
  • Bush wants to eliminate the $771 million Supplemental Education Opportunity Grant program, which provides need-based grants to undergrads. Democrats restored the money. Wham!
  • Bush sought to eliminate $630 million in Community Services Block Grants, which help local agencies provide services like job training, health care, housing, and food aid to the poor. The Senate increased the budget by $40 million. Pow!
  • Bush wants to kill the $272 million Educational Technology State Grants program, which uses technology to improve curriculum, instruction, and student learning...and Democrats funded the program! Oh!
  • Bush proposed a $44 million cut from nursing education, and the Senate added $20 million! What now?!?
  • The White House proposed a $291 million cut to special ed grants, and the Senate added $748 million. [insert interjection here]!
  • The White House tried to cut Labor Department adult and youth training and programs for laid-off workers by $439 million, and the Senate rejected the cuts. Oh! What?!? Yeah, boy!
Well, this was fun...I can kind of see why Bush would want to cut spending. I mean, this nation IS $9.1 trillion dollars in debt. The money we're wasting in Iraq should be going to all these programs the Senate is sponsoring.

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