Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Democrats dare Bush to veto SCHIP expansion

WASHINGTON (AP) - House Democrats, convinced that President Bush blundered by vetoing a children's health bill, plan to approve a very similar bill this week and practically dare him to veto it again.

The revised bill would lower the number of adults and higher-income families potentially eligible for the health insurance subsidies, Democrats said, presumably making it easier for Republicans to back it while saving face. But on the key issue of spending, Democrats say they will not budge from the original $35 billion pricetag, which the administration has called too large.

Damn! These Democrats were all like, "Yo, George, we got a great plan for health insurance, you should like, approve it and stuff." And then George was like "$35 billion?!? What you think, money grows on trees?" And now the Democrats are all like, "Oh you you didn't! Go ahead, veto this bill again! See what happens!"

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