Friday, October 19, 2007

Brownback Withdraws From '08 Election

"Republican Sen. Sam Brownback abandoned his 2008 presidential bid Friday, his White House aspirations dashed by a lack of support and money.

.....The conservative managed to gain the support of only 1 percent of Republicans in this month's Associated Press-Ipsos poll after peaking at 3 percent in June. Fundraising reports this week showed that his campaign was struggling financially, with $94,000 available to spend." -

Brownback, if I was eligible to vote, would have been my choice for President. His opposition to abortion and gay marriage as well as his overall "Rebuild the Family" outlook appealed to me.


  1. Nice to see that you were choosing your candidate on fake unimportant issues instead of legitimate ones.

  2. I don't see how abortion and gay marriage aren't legitimate?

  3. The fact that they are even controversial make them a real issue, no a fake one as you propose.

  4. Because they really have no impact whatsoever on the state of America. They're just wedge issues concocted by the Right wing Fascists to fool suckers like yourself into paying attention to them and not things that actually matter.

  5. ^agreed if these were allowed or not allowed how would the even affect your life? there are more important issues such as foreign affairs, immigration or social security. abortion and gay marriage are just ways to distract ignorant stubborn people from the real issues


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