Tuesday, October 2, 2007

CD Review: Basie at Birdland

1) Little Pony
2) Basie
3) Blues Backstage
4) Blee Bop Blues
5) Whirly-Bird
6) One O'Clock Jump
7) Good Time Blues
8) Segue in C
9) One O'Clock Jump
10) Easin' It
11) A Little Tempo, Please
12) Corner Pocket
13) I Needs to Beed With
14) Discommotion
15) Segue in C
16) Whirly-Bird
17) One O'Clock Jump

Genre: Jazz

As my good friend, not to mention the drummer in my band, Brian Hickey said, "Count Basie should be required listening for jazz band members." When we found out Jazz Ensemble might do a Count Basie song, we were ecstatic. Basie's band remains the gold standard for big bands to reach for. This album puts you in the middle of a jazz club they happened to be playing one night. During the quieter songs, such as "Good Time Blues", you can hear the people chatting. Many of the tracks showcase the rhythm section, who bring sophistication and virtuosity to the twelve-bar blues. Others, like "One O'Clock Jump", "Discommotion", and "Corner Pocket", show off the clean, tight horn section. Incoming Jazz Ensemble members, do yourselves a favor and make this album your Bible.

***** out of five

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