Monday, October 15, 2007

CD Review: Good Morning Vietnam soundtrack

1. Adrian Cronauer - Robin Williams
2. "Nowhere To Run" - The Vandellas
3. "I Get Around" - Beach Boys
4. "Game Of Love" - Wayne Fontana & The Mindbenders
5. Adrian Cronauer - Robin Williams
6. "Sugar And Spice" - Searchers
7. Adrian Cronauer - Robin Williams
8. "Liar, Liar" - Castways
9. "The Warmth Of The Sun" - Beach Boys
10. Adrian Cronauer - Robin Williams
11. "I Got You (I Feel Good)" - James Brown
12. Adrian Cronauer - Robin Williams
13. "Baby Please Don't Go" - Them
14. Adrian Cronauer - Robin Williams
15. "Danger Heartbreak Dead Ahead" - Marvelettes
16. "Five O'Clock World" - Vouges
17. "California Sun" - Rivieras
18. Adrian Cronauer - Robin Williams
19. "What A Wonderful World" - Louis Armstrong

The soundtrack to Good Morning Vietnam is the play list of Adrian Cronauer, the DJ played in the film by Robin Williams. His mix is a twelve-song sampling of 60s pop, the soundtrack to an era when people listened to really, really good music. James Brown brings the soul. The Vandellas and the Marvelettes represent Motown. We get not one, but two songs by the incredible Beach Boys. If rock's what you want, look no further than Them's "Baby Please Don't Go", sung by the one and only Van Morrison. Why can't music this good be at the top of today's charts?

***** out of five

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