Monday, October 15, 2007

Halloween trends...for adults?!?

Young trick-or-treaters are snapping up costumes inspired by the TV show Hannah Montana and High School Musical. But what about adults? What's their Halloween haberdashery of choice? According to one retailer, many adults will dress up as objects.

"Beer-keg outfits and whoopie-cushion outfits are very big this year," said Sal V. Perisano, chief executive of iParty Corp., a Dedham-based chain of 50 stores where the October merchandise is heavy with Halloween-themed goods.

What's more, many adult celebrants of Halloween are demanding outfits that are sexy, he added - though it's challenging to imagine an object of desire pinked out in high-decibel whoopie-cushion attire.

Adults hankering for Halloween hijinx comes as no surprise to, an online comparison shopping site. According to a survey, 65 percent of East Coast consumers feel that Halloween is shifting from a children's oriented holiday to more of an adult oriented holiday.

And with its large population of college students, Greater Boston seems particularly keen on celebrating Oct. 31 as an adult holiday, with no shortage of sophomores eager to go partying while masquerading as a beer keg.

At an iParty store, college kids will try on and model many costumes and wig-hats while one of their group records the scene with a Camcorder or a cellphone camera; later clips that are part fashion show, part horror show, will appear on Youtube, a website for sharing video content, Perisano said.

Many adults want to dress up as sexy celebrities, either real or imagined, he noted.

Dress as me for Halloween! It's easy. Just wear sneakers, jeans, a T-shirt, a dark blue sweater jacket, glasses, and a black scally cap. Don't forget the handkerchief, and, if you want, a harmonica. I mean, I'm a sexy celebrity, right?

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  1. If I wanted to be you Ben, I would have to lose the handkerchief. Unhygienic practices ain't my thing.


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