Monday, October 8, 2007

McGovern endorses Clinton

The sense that New York Senator Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign is going from strength to strength grew Sunday as a new Des Moines Register poll showed her moving into the lead in the first caucus state of Iowa. And Clinton's position there got a boost over the weekend as Iowa Democrats who still doubt her anti-war credentials were reassured by none other than 1972 Democratic presidential nominee George McGovern.

McGovern, an anti-Vietnam War icon who has been a far more consistent foe of the Iraq War than Clinton, heartily endorsed the 2008 Democratic front runner on a day when the Register poll suggested that the New York senator might actually win the caucuses that are expected to define the course of the race for the Democratic nod.

Um...might? Like her or not, Hillary is likely going to be our next president. See that face? That creepy, unnatural face? Get used to it. Fact is, all the other candidates have an Achille's heel they can't overcome. Hillary wisely went after George McGovern. If she's REALLY wise, she'll start agreeing with Richardson's stance on Iraq. This will only cement her current the top.

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