Thursday, October 11, 2007

Radical Republican Movement At WHS

Not exactly large in number, the Radical Republican Movement at WHS is a minority group with a specific platform. They aren't troublemakers; they are just another political organization addressing a serious issue. They don't mind if you call them the anti-GSA (Gay-Straight Alliance) because they are exactly that. I recently got the opportunity to talk to a very concerned Radical Republican.

WÉ: So what is the problem?
RR: The "gay" people. People who practice and/or think that gay marriage should be legal or anything related to gay, [such as] gay pride day.
WÉ: What are the goals of WHS Radical Republicans?
RR: This movement is like setting fire to a field of plants that produce weed. When one starts the fire, the fire spreads quickly and rapidly. It consumes those who disagree. After all this is burned everyone relaxes, because this is what weed does to you. This will be our ultimate achievement. To agree on one thing and work to solve a problem.
WÉ: How do you respond to people who think you are discriminatory?
RR: I refer to the definition of marriage, and use religion as a weapon. Saying that, if any religious man happens to be a priest, one to approve of marriage, then he will not be for gay marriage, because his religion restricts it. To be gay is to be without religion. To be without religion is to be without hope.
WÉ: How can we end the "Who cares?" mentality of gay rights supporters?
RR: As a Radical republican , and intelligent one for that fact, I feel that the only way to end this "who cares" mentality of supporters is to bombard them with facts. [Take] reproduction. You can't reproduce if you have two penises going at each other. You can't bring up a child without discrimination in school with two dads or two moms.
WÉ: Any final thoughts?
RR: Gay marriage will effect children's lives. The children are our future. If they condemn religion because they are gay, what hope will we have? Gay parents will eventually ruin the whole structure of religion and society.


  1. This stupid Radical Republican crap has to stop. You're wrong.

  2. This group's only platform is to repress an isolated group of people based on a factor they cannot control. I hate to be the one to inform you of this, but this does not constitute a political group. It is merely a hate group, and needs to be ended immediately.

  3. This is ridiculous and needs to be taken down now.

  4. This is absolutely ridiculous, and I can't believe that you would even begin to think about making a group like this. You are taking a stand as a Hate Group, and should be pucished for it through some form or other.

  5. As anonymous #2 already stated, this is not a stance to base an entire political group on. If you actually feel this way (which i hop down in your heart of hearts you can find a way to feel some sort of feeling, though i'm not sure you have souls) then SAY that you are the AGSA (anti-gsa). Don't call yourselves the "Radical Republicans". And honestly, the thing that makes my stomach flip the most is this: i walk by you every single day in the hallways of the same school, occasionally say hi to you, knowing full-well what you think about me, and some of my friends. i feel as if you are attacking me personally, and THAT is unconstitutional: to attack a group who has done nothing against you for no reason. You have no basis, save for the whole "the children are our future" crap. Two fathers or two mothers can raise a child just as well as a mother and a father can. You say that they will be discriminated against. THAT IS THE REASON FOR GSA'S ALL OVER THE COUNTRY. A certain teacher at our school (yes, we go to the same school, and have even hung out before) told my class my freshman year that one in ten people is lgbt. Oh, wait. You don't know what lbgt is? It means Lesbian-Gay-Bisexual-Transgender. One in ten. That means that two people in every single one of your classes is gay. And they can't help it. You are morally wrong, and it disgusts me to even think that i had conversed with someone as sick and twisted as you.

  6. The GSA can be very forceful mind you. I am completely against it, and I did find this post very entertaining. There is a point the the argument, although facts must be considered when talking about gay marriage.

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