Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Think This: October 17, 2007

United States Stockpiles

The Chemical Weapons Convention (CWC), a chemical weapon destruction agency in the United States called for the destruction of 45% of its stockpile by 2004. This deadline was not met and the CWC mandated a few more conditions: U.S is to be completely free of its stockpile by 2007. The United States isn't in any rush to say good bye to all their chemical weapons just yet; an extension can be granted until 2012. Costs were running in the 12 billion dollar range in 2004 and are increasing as each year passes. A graph supplied by the Stimson Center suggest that by 2016 (yes, 10+ years after the original proposal) the cost of total destruction of chemical weapons will be 25 billion dollars.

By 2016, the U.S won't have too much more on its plate (assuming that military expenses are cut drastically) and will be able to be completely free of evil CWs.

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