Friday, October 5, 2007

Writer Spotlight: Chris DeCarlo

Name: Chris DeCarlo
Grade: Senior (Class of 2009)
Age: 18
Writing Style: Rant/Whatever I Feel Like Writing
Writing Topics: Songs of the Week, Music, Film, Literature, Philosophy and others
Political Leanings: Maverick
Fun Fact #1: Legend
Fun Fact #2: Frequent poster/reader on the IMDb message boards.
Fun Fact #3: Immense knowledge of music, film, culture, etc.
Fun Fact #4: Favorite band: The Beatles
Fun Fact #5: Dresses in a black leather jacket, blue/black jeans, a shirt (associated with music) that is typically black, with a few exceptions. Nothing fancy.
Fun Fact #6:Believes that we are all one consciousness and one day we will live in peace, with no wars, no countries, and no violence. But the demons need to be stomped out first!

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