Friday, October 5, 2007

Academic Application: October 4, 2007

Academic Application Important

According to Richard Feynman, a renowned physicist, applying what you learn in school to the real world is essential. Learning through practice not only boosts memory, but gives the subject a sense of importance in the student's life. Said Feynman, who traveled to Brazil where students often memorize from cover to cover in books: “So, you see, they could pass the examinations, and ‘learn’ all this stuff, and not know anything at all, except what they had memorized." Of course, learning about subjects that you find enjoyable and interesting translate into success on graded assignments as well.

The Academic Application this week shows that Academic Applications are necessary! Don't think that I am a loser for typing up these, because you know that you should be applying too. If you have learned, are learning, or are going to learn about what I post, you might find some value in my writing.

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