Thursday, October 4, 2007

Is Video Game Addiction a Mental Disorder?

CHICAGO - The telltale signs are ominous: teens holing up in their rooms, ignoring friends, family, even food and a shower, while grades plummet and belligerence soars.
The culprit isn’t alcohol or drugs. It’s video games, which for certain kids can be as powerfully addictive as heroin, some doctors contend.

A leading council of the nation’s largest doctors’ group wants to have this behavior officially classified as a psychiatric disorder, to raise awareness and enable sufferers to get insurance coverage for treatment.

Are these doctors seriously running out of disorders to debate about?

I mean, yeah the games are sometimes very addicting, but it doesn't mean it should be considered a disorder. I seem to laugh at it right now, but some parents are really concerned about their children. Those parents take drastic actions, such as, taking their child to a psychiatrist, to see if they have a social life problem and all kinds of things. No offense to any parents reading this (if there are any) just leave your child be, unless the kid plays more than 3 hours each day on the computer or on the TV, after that just talk to them, no need for paid pep talks with a person the child doesn't even know.

Saying that it's just like heroin and cocaine? Seriously, playing video games is like going outside to "hangout" with your friends, except just by yourself. I was addicted to World of Warcraft, but I soon grew out of it and now I stopped playing Warcraft for about 4 months now. From what I believe, just leave the child be, until he or she gets bored of it. That's how I got out of my addiction.

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