Sunday, October 14, 2007

CD Review: Pearl Jam

1) Life Wasted
2) World Wide Suicide
3) Comatose
4) Severed Hand
5) Marker in the Sand
6) Parachutes
7) Unemployable
8) Big Wave
9) Gone
10) Wasted Reprise
11) Army Reserve
12) Come Back
13) Inside Job

Genre: Alternative rock

Contrary to popular belief, classic rock isn't dead. It's just harder to find. Believe it or not, there was a time when rock was at the top of the charts. Nowadays, what bands do you find? Nickelback? Fall Out Boy? It's just not the same. There's plenty of great bands out there, they're just under the radar. Pearl Jam is one of those bands. This album is one any classic rock fan can appreciate. Check out the guitar solo on "Comatose"! Wave your lighter to "Come Back" and "Parachutes"! Bang your head to "Life Wasted" and "World Wide Suicide"! Once you get used to Eddie Vedder's voice, it's all good.

**** out of five

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