Thursday, October 18, 2007

I'd just like to clear something up...

I saw this anonymous comment today...I'm guessing it's from the same person whose comment prompted my post from last night...sigh...

Maybe the reason the school won't let you publish is because you allow hate groups to post on your blog. Just a though[t]. Regulation of the material submitted is not a violation of First Amendment Rights.

I'm going to repeat what I said a few days ago...
Well, I talked to her [Ms. Freedman] on Friday, and she said the school can't help us promote our non-school sanctioned website.
I've talked to her, in person, face to face, many times about the blog. Yes, she reads it. And yes, she does object to some of its content. I haven't spoken with her since Friday, but the last time I talked to her, there was no mention of the Radical Republicans.
I've tried to stay out of this big flame war ignited by Glen's recent posts, but this anonymous reader keeps getting me to write about the situation. People, please, do me a favor and leave me out of this. I'm just trying to report the news.
With that said, I don't believe that the Radical Republicans are a hate group. I STRONGLY disagree with their platform, but the sad truth is, I hear the exact same thing at Sunday mass. Is the Catholic Church a hate group?
IF the school had allowed us to distribute a print version of the Étudiant, Ms. Freedman would have had the final say over what got printed. However, since this blog is independent, the school has no jurisdiction over what gets posted here. I told Ms. Freedman that I have yet to delete any posts at this site, and she told me that someone threatened the freshmen online before the school year began. She asked if I would allow such content on this site, and I said no. Glen's posts are not of a threatening nature, and thus will remain online. They are simply expressions of his strong, controversial viewpoint, and have prompted more writer-reader interaction than any other post on this site to date. Instead of causing hostility towards gays, the posts have sparked intellectual discussion/heated flaming between the Radical Republicans and Wakefield High School's many supporters of the opposite viewpoint. Thank you for reading this post. We now return to our regularly scheduled flame war.


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  2. aww ben. i understand your situation and i can see that glens posts have given you more trouble than you deserve, but not to drag anyone in i think he knew what he was doing when he posted that. but i mean im glad in a way that you left it up, not that i agree with his post at all, but it does show that you will allow free speech on you your site. kudos to you, not to glen. i do think he was just going on a rant and really in some ways taking advantage of this site.


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