Tuesday, October 16, 2007

iRegret buying the iPhone

At least that's what most people are saying after buying the iPhone, the new product from Apple Software. It is a phone, MP3 player, Internet surfer and etc... all in one!.
At first glance the iPhone looks awesome and you say to yourself, "I so want that!".
That's what most people said when the iPhone first came out. Now they are regretting they ever bought it. Main problems for the iPhone are, the buttons for typing and other icons on the phone are too small for the average person to press (typing the words "Hi" to your friends will come out as "HJYU" or any of the combinations of letters near the letter "H" on the iPhone's keyboard screen). Another reason is, the iPhone's Internet access is very slow and does not move very smoothly without lag. One more reason is, the phone bill, MP3 usage bill, and Internet usage bill totals up to more than $120 per month! Wow, that's just not right, you pay $100 to actually get the iPhone, then pay about the same price per month just to have all the services? I think I'll just stick with my good pay phone on the street.


  1. The iPhone costs around $400, not $100.

    I would rather just get an ipod touch, I mean, you can surf the internet with that too.

  2. On the contrary, I have heard mostly positive things about the iPhone.

  3. Really? $400? I thought it said on the news that Apple receded the price down to $100... Maybe I heard wrong?


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