Saturday, October 20, 2007

Name THESE tunes!

Below are the first words of thirty-two songs. Guess which songs they are, and you'll win absolutely nothing.

1) Well, I wish I was a catfish
2) I'm bringin' sexy back
3) What good is the dawn
4) You never close your eyes anymore when I kiss your lips.
5) Part two...continuation...chop, swing, chop, swing, chop, swing, chop, swing, chop, swing, chop, swing, chop, swing, chop, swing, I won't shut my eyes until you're stuck in the __________, fuck it!
6) Sittin' in front of your house
7) Hey mama, don't you treat me wrong
8) Well it's been building up inside of me
9) I was dreamin' when I wrote this
10) It could be ten, but then again, I
11) You got a lotta nerve
12) I'm a _____________
13) You're now tuned into the muh'fuckin greatest
14) If I keep holding out,... will the light shine through?
15) You say it's your ________
16) Dearly beloved
17) Well, somebody knocking on my door
18) He said I'll love you 'til I die
19) When you're weary, feeling small
20) _____ ___ __ ____, love
21) Wrote a letter to you and threw it away
22) It starts with just a little glance now
23) Yeah, you know it's about to go down right?
24) Ring my friend, I said you call ______ ______
25) Hangman, hangman, hold it a little while
26) Here come old flattop he come grooving up slowly
27) Everyday
28) I remember beatin' down the block
29) Underneath this smile lies everything
30) Well, no one told me about her
31) Look, if you had one shot, or one opportunity
32) North to south

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