Thursday, October 11, 2007

Think This: October 10, 2007

A Health Care System That Works

The Health Care system that we currently have in America sucks. Don't believe me? Thousands are uninsured, costs are too high, and care is substandard at best sometimes. Individuals at the New America Foundation recognize these failures and have set out a plan that!

[The policy] would shift the responsibility for providing health insurance from the employer to the individual, freeing American companies to concentrate on growth and competitiveness without having to worry about rising health care costs. It would make health insurance mandatory for all U.S. citizens, but it would also offer generous subsidies and large risk pools to help defray the cost of premiums. It would be guided by a refocused approach to health care delivery that emphasizes prevention, early diagnosis, and evidence-based treatments rather than expensive and often known-to-be ineffective diagnostic and treatment techniques. And it would encourage the widespread adoption of information technology to reduce administrative costs and help all clinicians and patients share best-practice information in real time.
Click this to check out the entire proposal

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