Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Wakefield 10th Grade MCAS Results

Wakefield 10th (now 11th) Grade students who took the MCAS in the spring of 2007 should be getting their own personal results back within the next couple of weeks. The reports of every public school in Massachusetts however, are available at this time. Here is how Wakefield did:

10th Grade Mathematics: Rank = 83 out of 312.......85% Scored Advanced or Proficient.....53% Scored Advanced/Above Profiicent
10th Grade English Language Arts: Rank = 112 out of 312......81% Scored Advanced or Proficient.....3% Failed

In comparison, all Boston Latin test takers scored Advanced or Proficient on both tests.

- Source: Boston Globe

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  1. ugh i have to take the 10th grade mcas in a few weeks am not very excited. The biology one is probably going to be a bit challenging


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